The personal struggle to follow one's desires or the will of God is personified in this fast moving novel of a young priest finding that falling in love has become a reality. He must quickly decide between two very divergent paths, each with significant risks. The parade of south Louisiana characters that influence his decision creates a real life backdrop to this story that addresses the major issues confronting the rank and file Catholic today.
The Right Reverend Joe Morris Doss, Diocesan Bishop of New Jersey (retired), Author of "Promises for the Future Church" and "Let The Bastards Go", a Rescue Mission to Cuba

A riveting story of a young priest discovering, rather abruptly, that his commitment to celibacy will be much more difficult than he ever imagined. He becomes confronted with a life and career changing decision. Long standing Church traditions conflict with his philosophy on the changes his Church should consider. Set in the emotionally strong Catholic region of south Louisiana, the characters come to life as they influence his decision. It brings to life the tensions confronting mainstream Catholics today. A quick and fascinating read!
James E. Maurin, former Chairman of Stirling Properties, Ochsner Hospital and LSU Tiger Athletic Foundation

An interesting story with some great analysis of the turmoil challenging the Catholic Church over the last several decades. I have been struggling with these issues for years myself, so it was enlightening to read about them in the context of a novel.
Laura Prosser, Baton Rouge, LA resident

As Pastor of a Presbyterian Church for more than 30 years, I understand the conflicts this young Catholic priest encounters. Anyone who has served the Church for a number of years knows the myriad of challenges that religious leaders (priests, ministers and rabbis!) face regularly. This novel illustrates how the requirement of celibacy can make the role of the Catholic priest an even more difficult, and challenging, experience. The author looks carefully at how faith and life intersect, and he explores the boundaries of good and evil. Once you read the first few pages, you will have a hard time putting his novel down.
Dr. Harry H. Barrow, Pastor, Newnan Presbyterian Church, Newnan, GA

Thunderbolt was a great read. The story is years ahead of its time as it relates to changes taking place in world's largest Christian religion. An interesting moment for me in the novel was the description of characters fishing in South Louisiana. I do not fish but found myself actually red fishing and my imagination captured the sun, wind, smell of the marsh, sounds in the boat and pure fun in catching fish. The writer's skill and experience brought me to a place without the benefit of any personal history of fishing. Chip Songy has captured time and space of Louisiana's culture, people, religion, and geography in so many ways. One must find the time to read this book.
Rod Noles, Real Estate Broker

The modern day Catholic Church faces many challenges. Through the eyes of a young and talented priest, readers are shown just how critical these challenges are to the future of the church and its leaders.